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Support for the most important parts of life.

Whether your family is facing a big change or a separation, get the right legal representation you need to make the right decisions for your situation.


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Manage Family Transitions.

When your family is experiencing a major transition, the right attorney can provide the assistance you need. From supporting an adoption to helping with a prenup, having expert legal counsel can ease any number of situations, including:

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Adoptions
  • Asset  and Estate Planning
  • Trusts, Wills, and Powers of Attorney
  • Probate Law including Decedent's Estates
  • Guardianship for Disabled Adults and Minor Children


Ease the Pain of Separation.

Statistically, many relationships don’t work out. If you’ve given yours the best effort possible, it might be time to bring in the professionals. Let us handle your personal issues in a compassionate way that makes every step a little bit easier. Expertise includes:

  • Divorce Law for both Post and Pre Judgment
  • Child Custody and Visitation Law
  • Child Support Law
  • Paternity Cases
  • Both Contested and Uncontested Cases


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